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Love Dolphins? Come Explore with us!

Love Dolphins? Come Explore with us!

Panama City Dolphin Tours at Shell IslandDolphins have captured the human imagination in a way that no other creature has done before. Dolphins are intelligent, exciting, social and kind. Experience these sea creatures in their natural habitat along the beautiful emerald coast of Panama City Beach. In Panama City Beach, the most common dolphin is the iconic grey dolphin also known as the bottlenose dolphin. For many years, people could only see dolphins at marine attractions but more protections have been set up for wild dolphins in recent years. At Shell Island Shuttle, we take both visitors and locals on Panama City Beach dolphin tours and our main priority is to ensure that dolphins are not disturbed while in their natural habitat.

Who Can Take A Dolphin Tour In Panama City Beach?

Panama City Dolphin Tours near St. Andrews State ParkPanama City dolphin tours are exciting for all beach visitors including children and less physically abled visitors. Parents are particularly encouraged to bring their kids along as experiencing wild dolphins in a respectful way influences their choices and attitude towards wildlife and natural resources. We know all the places where the most dolphins are located in Panama City Beach and with our luxurious tour boats, we will make sure that you ride in comfort as you see the wild dolphins. You can also make your trip unforgettable by taking pictures and videos along the way.

Where To Find The Most Dolphins In Panama City Beach

Bottlenose dolphins of Panama City Beach are normally found in shallow water. These dolphins can be found in large numbers inside St. Andrews Bay and along the Shell Island beaches where they feed.

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Panama City Beach Dolphin Boat Tours

With our 6-passengers boats, we will take you on Panama City Beach dolphin tours as well as Shell Island Dolphin Tours. These boats are wide, stable and more spacious.

Best Times of The Year To See Dolphins In Panama City Beach

Panama City Dolphin Tours at SunsetThere are many factors that can influence the behavior of wild dolphins and it practically impossible to know when is the best time to see them in advance. These sea mammals can be influenced by meteorological conditions, tide cycles, air and water temperature, moon phases, availability of prey, wind speed and direction, season changes among many other factors. But generally, anytime the sun is out and the water is emerald green, there is a good chance of seeing the dolphins. Feeding activities can be seen on an outgoing tide mainly at the end of the afternoon.

Safety During Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours

For many years we have taken our guests on dolphin tours around St. Andrews State Park. We train all our guests on what they can and what they cannot do during our dolphin tours. We ensure that all safety guidelines are followed for the safety and enjoyment of our guests. Dolphins are curious and playful creatures and they will always approach swimmers and boats hence it is common for dolphins to swim around you and at times they may even swim with you. Whenever you book your dolphin tour with Shell Island Shuttle, we do everything possible to ensure that you have fun in this iconic natural landscape.

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