Beach Warning Flags

Be sure you understand the Panama City Beach Warning Flags. The Beach Warning Flags are there for your protection! There are no lifeguards on duty on Panama City Beach or Shell Island. Enjoy the water, but use common sense and play it safe at all times!

St andrews state park warning system

What do the Beach Warning Flags mean?*

  • Double Red: Danger! Water Closed to Public!
  • Single Red: High Hazard: High Surf and/or Strong Currents!
  • Yellow: Medium Hazard: Moderate Surf and/or Currents
  • Green: Low Hazard: Calm Conditions – Exercise Normal Caution
  • Purple: Hazardous Marine Life (Usually Stinging Jellyfish)

On Double Red Flag days during the summer season, airplane banners may be used to alert beach goers to the water conditions.

*Please note, the absence of Beach Warning Flags does not assure safe waters! When in doubt, if you are not a strong swimmer, or are with small children, play in the protected pools behind the Jetties in front of the Jetty Store and on Shell Island.

Stay safe with the Shell Island Shuttle & Panama City Boat Rentals!

Swimming in the Gulf of Mexico and splashing in the waves along the shore is great fun and perfectly safe on most days. But the Gulf weather and water can change quickly, and beach visitors need to be aware of sea conditions before entering the water and at all times during their beach day. The color-coded Panama City Beach Warning Flags are a simple way to keep the public aware of water conditions. So check the Flags to know before you go, and have fun on America’s best beaches.

Remember: Double Red Flags mean the water is closed to all use – stay out of the water or you could be arrested!

Safety is our top priority on the Shell Island Shuttle and at Panama City Boat Rentals. We want all of our guests to have a great time, so when you are at the beach keep safety in mind! And remember, flotation devices are always a good idea for small children. You can find them in the Jetty Store along with beach chairs, paddle boards, and other beach toys and accessories.

Swimming on Shell Island

There are no Beach Warning Flags posted on Shell Island. Check the Flags posted at the St. Andrews State Park entrance and near the beach in front of the Jetty Store. Be aware that water conditions could be different out on Shell Island, and can change rapidly during the day. When in doubt, stay on the beach or play in the protected pool behind the Shell Island Jetty. Your Shell Island Shuttle captain is always happy to answer your questions about water conditions. On the Shell Island Shuttle, your safety is priority number one!

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