COVID-Safe Fun with Panama City Beach Boat Rentals

COVID-19 put a damper on fun in 2020, but a Panama City Beach boat rental from Shell Island Pontoon Boats offers plenty of exciting, pandemic-safe vacation good times.

Panama City Beach Boat Rentals: Your Safe Vacation Option

Stay socially-distanced and safe while enjoying the Florida sun, sand, and water aboard your own pleasure craft from Shell Island Pontoon Boats. When it comes to boosting your immune system and shaking off the lock-down blues, there’s nothing better than spending a great day on the water with family and friends getting lots of fresh-air and plenty of sunshine. Our Panama City boat rentals make it possible, and all arrangements can be handled with ease and convenience through our safe, secure online portal.

Travel in the Time of COVID – What are the facts?

Make no mistake about it – traveling increases the risk of catching or passing on the COVID-19 virus. However, staying locked at home in fear is also very unhealthy and has already taken a terrible toll on many individuals and families. So, can we find a solution that addresses both types of health concern in a balanced way?

According to the CDC, one strategy for reducing the risk of catching and spreading COVID-19 when you vacation is by choosing transportation modes and recreational activities wisely while carefully following all general preventive measures. For example, it is now accepted that sticking with your close family group while staying distanced from strangers is a good precautionary practice to follow. And we know that any activity outdoors is better than indoors in regard to avoiding infection.

Research has shown that the ultraviolet radiation in sunlight is very destructive to the coronavirus. Salt water is another 100-percent natural infection-fighting resource. The experience of joy and excitement that supports the maintenance of a good mood and positive outlook has long been known as an immune system booster and a therapeutic tool useful for fighting serious disease.

Of course, we are all looking forward to an effective COVID-19 vaccine being available in time for the 2021 travel season. However, expert opinion holds that common-sense safety measures should still be taken even as people begin to get vaccinated.

Grab Some Worry-Free Good Times with a Shell Island Pontoon Boat Rental

Yes, having to worry about safety guidelines is one more inconvenience on top of the fear and everything else we have been through with this illness. But it is possible to find a positive side to the situation when we consider the way that emphasis is coming back to spending more family time and increasing our engagement in healthy outdoor activities.

When you think about the situation objectively, everything adds up to support recreational boating as a great idea if you are looking for a safe, fun family vacation activity. That’s why we suggest taking advantage of our Panama City Beach boat rentals in the beautiful natural playground comprised by St. Andrew Bay, St. Andrews State Park, and Shell Island. The area offers a world of healthy vacation enjoyment that can be safely accessed with just a little planning.

With a Panama City Beach boat rental, you can spend a full day on the water exploring and doing whatever you like best. As captain of your own pontoon boat, you set the itinerary.

  • Visit Shell Island.
  • Find a private beach.
  • Picnic, swim, and snorkel.
  • Go fishing in the Bay.
  • Head out for some dolphin watching.
  • Explore the St. Andrew Bay waterfront
  • Dock at a waterfront restaurant and arrange a takeout lunch or dinner to eat afloat.

On Shell Island, you have 7 miles to roam and it is easy to find the perfect spot for a socially-distanced picnic. Or cruise the shoreline of the Bay to discover a tucked-away anchorage and let the kids have a few hours of worry- and mask-free play time while you relax under the shade of your boat’s awning or keep watch from the upper observation deck. It will be an unforgettable day of family fun with no crowds or lines and plenty of fresh breezes and sunshine.

Reserve Your Shell Island Pontoon Boat Rental in Advance

Use this link to make a no-contact online reservation for one of our Shell Island Pontoon Boats. Be sure to make arrangements well ahead of your scheduled visit to Panama City Beach. Then, all you need to do is pick your boat up from the Panama City Boat Rentals staff. Rest assured that our team members will follow all pandemic safety guidelines during your check-in and safety briefing processes.

There is no question that folks here in America and around the world are living through trying times of unprecedented magnitude. As the owner operators of Shell Island Pontoons and the Shell Island Shuttle, we are honored to have the opportunity to maybe make a small difference in the fight to bring some normalcy and a little bit of fun back into our lives. Please stay safe, contact us with any questions, and we hope to see you soon here in Panama City Beach and St. Andrews State Park.

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